Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello, World!

Welcome to the CrossTwine Labs blog. The purpose of this space is twofold: to keep you informed of the evolutions of our CrossTwine Linker product, and to tell you about some of our adventures in the world of dynamic language runtimes.

We'll start with the former, by announcing the immediate availability of two demos: Pythonistas and Rubyists, please let us know how well each of these modified interpreters work for you, and which of the pain points you currently experience would be alleviated by the availability of a corresponding supported product.

Also, while the initial experimentation and development of the technology have been a blast, it's high time we concentrate on real-world use cases. We know this first release is not perfect—the “alpha” qualifier won't be dropped before the execution engine gets quite a bit smarter—but it's good enough to be useful. More importantly, we would like to collect your usage scenarios and use them to drive the next batch of enhancements.

If your programming life does not revolve around Python or Ruby, feel welcome to point us to other implementations you think we ought to support, and to real-world use cases where these languages currently lead a suboptimal experience.

More generally, if you are in need of any kind of low-level plumbing work which requires a mix of knowledge, attention to detail and experience, let us know how how we can help.

Damien Diederen